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Since 1986, over one thousand eight hundred people have voluntarily given their writing, poetry, graphic art and energy to the Newsletter. Most sign their work with a passport name; a much smaller number (less than 10%) append just their given name; about equal to this is the use of pseudonyms. But rarely does something come in without any hint of the author's identity.

Remuneration comes in the form of Volunteer tickets; 2 per hour for hourly work, 4-8 per piece, depending on a vaguely defined criteria, like the life experience or innate talent necessary to have produced the submitted work in the first place. (It's subjective, with the editor's experience and intuition playing a role in deciding how many (keeping in mind that Carnegie Volunteers get 2 tickets per hour, regardless of what work they are doing).

After the alphabetical listing (starting below) is another with the first names plus initial (kind of like AA..) for Donors of Money. At the very end are names of the unsung heroes of the Production Crew. There are a lot more - those who gave an hour once or came 2 or 3 times - but those listed have come regularly twice a month, some for years.

Thanks to all.

PaulR  Taylor, volunteer editor since 1986. 

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Donors of Money

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This section is actively being worked on. As a result, the pages for all of the respective poets, writers, and artists are currently unavailable. You can look forward to having a useful resource where many of these people's works are listed, and with a click you can revisit them in the issue of their original publication.


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